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Shared amenities, private offices or labs, and dedicated, customizable social and event spaces enhance all your collaborations.

Designed for Discovery

Our life science facilities are world-class in every way, from the technology and amenities we provide to the location and companies we bring together. Be as private or connected as you need to be while working alongside fellow innovators.

Life Science

We bring together the people, infrastructure, and support services you need, all in one building, to help take your scientific solutions from concept to reality.

  • Wet & Dry Labs

  • Workplace zones

  • Prototype studios

  • Education and Conference Center

Space availability

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All floors are lab-ready and cabled for digital health applications to support dry and wet lab space, as well as clinics and tech firms.

Collaboration Residency

Join your peers, mentors and healthcare experts at the Collaboration Residency and together we will Cure.