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Our dedicated team of innovators drives change across the healthcare ecosystem

As a healthcare innovation campus in New York City, Cure is lead by a team richly experienced in industry, government, nonprofit and research institutions. Our strategic vision has established Cure as a cutting-edge collaborative ecosystem with our partner organizations and members whose collective expertise and thought leadership are fostering and accelerating advances in health through entrepreneurship and innovation.


Seema Kumar

Seema Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of Cure, a healthcare innovation campus in New York City. Cure, an affiliate of Deerfield Management, is a world-class laboratory, engineering, and business facility that brings together industry leaders and innovators who share a mission to foster collaborations spanning disciplines, sectors and geographies to advance health. Cure houses 18 on-campus startup and established companies, which collectively raised more than $1.2 billion between 2021 and February 2024.

Seema is a visionary leader with deep expertise in science, education, diversity, equity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility. Her 30-year career has spanned academic, government, corporate and non-profit environments. She sets and achieves the vision, mission and strategy for scientific programming, educational and learning initiatives. She also drives business growth through innovation, strategic alliances and coalition building.

Cure's Senior Leadership

Charles Kim

Cure Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Susanna Ling

Cure Senior Vice President, Industry Programs, Sponsorships, and Partnerships

Dan Hoffman

Cure Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy, Marketing and
Product Development

Caroline Drucker

Cure Vice President, Communications and Business Solutions

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