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Xchange Challenge

How can we innovative, equitable AI solutions for better health outcomes?

Cure Xchange Challenge Finalists

Meet the top finalists of the Cure Xchange Challenge: Health AI for Good. These trailblazers are pioneering the future of healthcare, where AI responsibly empowers us to create and deliver equitable, accessible and transformative care for all.

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How it works

The Cure Xchange Challenge focuses on driving innovations that collaboratively span sectors, disciplines and geographies to solve for a specific healthcare need. The contest is open to individuals and teams with early stage concepts, prototypes or pilots that will transform our health.

Xchange Challenge

Health AI for Good

How can we responsibly and equitably use AI in health to accelerate basic research, diagnose conditions, develop novel treatments, predict and prevent disease, and lead to better health outcomes and cures? The Xchange Challenge finalists have ideas!