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CobiCure MedTech is a non-profit pediatric organization and part of the Advancium Health Network, focused on reimagining pediatric medical technology through its strategic ecosystem, critical resources, leadership and funding—ensuring that return on investment is not a determinant for bringing life-changing pediatric medical technologies to children.

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By amplifying the challenges we aim to overcome, CobiCure MedTech is reimagining pediatric technology to transform lives.

CobiCure MedTech's Mission

The realm of pediatric medical technologies faces fragmentation, characterized by a limited market, diverse stakeholders, and insufficient incentives for innovative solutions, despite a clear demand. In the specific domain of pediatric cardiology alone, the United States reports 40,000 cases of congenital heart defects each year. This underscores the importance of CobiCure's dedication to transforming the landscape of pediatric medical technology. CobiCure's strategic initiatives provide essential assistance throughout the entire journey of product development, from conceptualization to market launch and beyond.


  • Knowledge transfer, funding opportunities, and thought leadership to facilitate ongoing innovation

  • Engagement with industry experts to deeply understand and clearly articulate unmet clinical needs

  • Collaboration, networking, and advising to enable sales and distribution efforts

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