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Cure and Scientific American (SciAm), one of the most trusted and authoritative sources for news and information about science, health, technology, the environment and society, are co-hosting an event series on FutureHealth to distill the clearest stories of our innovation future and the global impact new research has on our collective lives. The FutureHealth series will feature three topics: * Breakthroughs: A primer of dazzling new technologies, procedures, and discoveries * Holistic Health and Wellness: Reframing medicine to think holistically and in terms of integrated systems, including phenomics and the use of AI * Reimagining Healthcare: Reforming how we deliver treatments through smart policy and using smart tech—includes issues of access, equity, and an emphasis on patients and outcomes

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Founded 1845, Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. It has published articles by more than 200 Nobel Prize winners. Scientific American reaches more than 10 million people around the world each month through its website, print and digital editions, newsletters and app and millions more through social media and other platforms.

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