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Hop Labs is a research and development lab focused on building state-of-the-art and scalable machine-learning solutions.

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For organizations of all sizes and stages, Hop Labs assists with reproducible and scalable machine learning research. We use research-grade techniques from the ML community to solve messy real-world problems, build production-grade systems to deploy ML at scale, and build research infrastructure to accelerate the velocity of existing ML research teams. For executives and entrepreneurs, we can also assist in developing an ML strategy that complements their larger business goals.

Hop Labs's Mission

Our goal at Hop is simple: translate research-grade innovations into scalable, positive, real-world impact. We spend a lot of our time helping teams to identify the risks in their strategies, figure out what concrete steps they can take to drive down those risks, and find the most efficient path toward their next meaningful milestone, whether that's closing some pre-launch sales, scaling up their business, or bringing an innovative product to market. We've learned that there's a fine balance between over-building and implementing something without enough critical thinking. On either side of that balance, you might paint yourself into a corner with some unnecessarily poor tech decisions, and we're here to help navigate those waters.


  • R&D lab specializing in developing advanced and scalable machine-learning solutions

  • Diverse client collaborations, catering to clients seeking to transform visions into tangible products or scalable businesses

  • Goal-centric approach focused on identifying and prioritizing the objectives crucial for your organization

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