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A regenerative therapy company developing technology that acts as pre-formed, anatomically inspired, implantable tissue pathways to directly replace lost connections due to brain degeneration or injury.


Spun out of the University of Pennsylvania, Innervace is a company focused on the development and commercialization of anatomically inspired living scaffolds for brain pathway reconstruction.

Innervace's Mission

Innervace’s innovative technology has the potential to be a disease modifying technology by directly replacing neuroanatomy lost to the progression of disease. This strategy is in stark contrast to currently approved therapies that only temporarily manage symptoms. Innervace utilizes bioengineering strategies to restore lost circuitry, going beyond cell replacement. Active neurons are encapsulated in biodegradable material, designed with a customized form and cell type to replicate specific neuroanatomy. The ultimate goal is to recreate essential signaling networks through these replacement pathways.


  • Minimally invasive, MRI guided stereotaxic implantation

  • Recreate lost circuits, not just cells

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