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Wandercraft develops, manufactures and markets autonomous walking exoskeletons.

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Wandercraft was founded in 2012 by a group of engineers who refused to accept that the wheelchair remains the only means of travel for people deprived of walking and thought they could create a better solution for mobility and independence.

Wandercraft's Mission

Wandercraft develops, manufactures and markets autonomous walking exoskeletons. The first version, Atalante, was commercialized in 2019 and is used by rehabilitation and neurology hospitals in Europe and the USA. Atalante offers many patients innovative care based on realistic, hands-free multidirectional locomotion. Atalante X features a custom symmetrical and asymmetrical adjustable assistance to promote gradual increase of your patient’s motor effort through the continuum of care. Starting at total robotic assistance, the intensity can be decreased with the patient’s recovery and capabilities.


  • Atalante X is designed to minimize training time for both patient and therapist

  • Atalante X offers multidirectional gait, opening new possibilities to move in space and carry out diverse and fun treatment sessions with your patients

  • WanderTouch can track usage, kinematics, and functional progression, offering an intuitive interface for a simple configuration and monitoring throughout your patient’s rehabilitation program