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Cure XChange Challenge Winner Announcement

February 22, 2024
3:00 PM ET
345 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010



Join Cure CEO Seema Kumar on February 22 when we announce the Cure Xchange Challenge winners, in partnership with the Clinton Foundation. Applicants presented an astonishing array of projects using AI in everything from cancer diagnosis and treatment to maternal health, drug repurposing, AI-driven ultrasounds and more. Winners will be presenting summaries of their companies and projects.

Special Award Presenter from the Clinton Foundation

Keynote: John Mattison, MD, former Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Winners will give brief presentations of their companies.

The CureXchange Challenge received over 100 applications from companies on four continents for its prize for companies showing excellence in Health AI for Good. Finalists and winners were chosen after a thorough review by a blue ribbon panel of independent experts On February 22 at Cure we will announce the five winners of our prize. The finalists include:

Every Cure. An AI driven drug repurposing platform CEO: Grant Mitchell, MD

BioCurie. Cell and gene manufacturing through mechanistic AI. CEO: Irene Rombel, PhD

Collogh Cares. Preventing kidney disease using AI. CEO: Collins Oghor, MD

Oben Health. Improving access to healthcare screening, education, and treatment. CEO: Peter Njongwe

Nutrible. Revolutionizing access to healthcare programs. CEO: Kwamane Liddell

Apricity AI: Telehealth driven robotic system for EKG imaging. CEO: Laura McLaughlin Reese

Biotics AI: Using AI to detect fetal anomalies in ultrasound. CEO: Robhy Bustami

Oatmeal Health: Early cancer detection using AI. CEO: Jonathan Govette

Deep Echo. Democratizing fetal ultrasound with AI. CEO: Youssef Bouyahf An AI driven assistant for molecular tumor boards. CEO: Alex Gavryushkin