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Cure has partnered with Evvy, an innovative company unlocking precision women’s healthcare through novel, overlooked female biomarkers — starting with the vaginal microbiome, to host a program with leaders across healthcare, policy, tech and media to address the gender health gap and highlight the significance of Equal Research Day, June 10, 2024.

Evvy's Mission

Evvy is on a mission to close the gender health gap by discovering and leveraging overlooked female biomarkers, starting with the vaginal microbiome. In 2021, Evvy launched the first and only at-home vaginal microbiome test to use metagenomic sequencing to tell you what's up down there, why it matters, and what you can do about it. Insights from their test led to the expansion of Evvy's innovative vaginal health platform, which now brings together state-of-the-art testing, precision care, and proactive tracking to give women and people with vaginas the healthcare they deserve. Through this platform, Evvy is building the real-world datasets necessary to transform our understanding of complex health conditions in the female body.

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