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Protara Therapeutics is committed to identifying and advancing transformative therapies for people with cancer and rare diseases.

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The Protara team prioritizes creativity, diverse perspectives, and tenacity to expedite its goal of bringing life-changing therapies to people with limited treatment options.

Protara Therapeutics's Mission

At Protara, we believe that a genuine understanding and effective treatment of cancer and rare diseases, which often transcend age, gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic background, can only be achieved by reflecting the diversity of the world we live in. Our foundation rests on the principle of integrating contemporary scientific, regulatory, or manufacturing advancements into established mechanisms to generate novel and expedited development opportunities.


  • We advocate for an understanding of cancer and rare diseases that acknowledges the diverse realities of the world we live in

  • Our commitment is to leverage modern advancements in science, regulation, and manufacturing to create accelerated pathways for development

  • By embracing innovation, we strive to address the complexities of cancer and rare diseases more effectively and inclusively

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