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The Cure ecosystem's mission is to collaboratively foster and accelerate the development of therapies and cures and to facilitate critical conversations about the future of healthcare and medicine.

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Explore what’s possible when you collaborate with Cure

As a sponsor, you support Cure’s mission to address, inspire, and build community around critical issues and innovation in healthcare and the life sciences. Cure sponsorships also showcase your organization and experts as visionaries and disruptors transforming healthcare innovation.

60+ Events Annually

Cure's original events showcase the most impactful developments in health and biotech innovation, entrepreneurship, science, and technology. Cure'sTuesday Talksseries,Cure Xevents, workshops, bootcamps and other programming have addressed entrepreneurship for startups, rare diseases, AI, women’s health, longevity, and oncology, among other topics.

Where else can you hear first-hand insights from a former NIH Director, a Nobel Laureate who reframed cancer treatments, the best-selling author ofSong of the Cell,the CEO of Dana-Farber, and a dad who invented an artificial pancreas to save his diabetic son?

As a Cure sponsor, you gain:

  • Exclusive access to Cure’s ecosystem, including resident companies, experts and thought leaders across sectors and disciplines—and the broader life science innovation community in New York City and beyond.

  • Positioning as a thought leaders, as co-creators with Cure of customized speaking and engagement opportunities that address such critical topics as AI and health; biotech entrepreneurship; rare diseases; women’s health; and more.

  • Prominent brand visibility and recognition.

  • Special services, including discounts on event fees and access to produced, recorded and live-streamed audio-visual content and other business solutions.

Expand your reach with Cure

As a Cure partner or sponsor, your reach will includes thousands of experts from academic, private, non-profit and government organizations who foster healthcare and life science entrepreneurship and established companies as they focus on innovating drugs, Medtech and vaccines, care delivery and public health. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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